Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Photo Booth Props The Twinery

Photo booths have been getting more popular at all kinds of events and I thought what better way to feature The Twinery twine than on these adorable photo booth props.  You can find all the luscious twine colors at The Twinery store.  

 I used some two sided tape to adhere the twine to the prop sticks and added a dab of glue at the bottom to attach the last little piece.  It is such an easy to thing to do and gives the props such a wonderful bright handle to hold onto.
 As men age, you might notice that they appear to have some grey in their mustaches, hee , hee.  I added the bottom layer using some two sided tape and trimmed around the design of the prop.  I put the next layer of tape just above the previous layer and trimmed the twine once I was done.  I repeated this until I filled in the whole mustache.
 Some of these props just make me smile, they are so fun.  I have had these fun October Afternoon papers for a long time and it was great to be able to use them.  I inked the edges of the papers as well.

 I had to throw in a cow boy hat for Colleen as she goes to college in Georgia and loves country music.  I made a really long braid with six strands of twine and then put two rows of the stick tape across the hat.  I laid the braid down and trimmed the edges.

My dear friend helped me take photos of these props and she insisted that I include a photo of myself with the props as well.  So here you go.  
Image of Solid Maraschino Twine Spool Image of Solid Mandarin Twine Spool Image of Solid Marigold Twine SpoolImage of Solid Caribbean Twine SpoolImage of Solid Cappuccino Twine SpoolImage of Solid Midnight Blue Twine SpoolImage of Solid Natural Twine SpoolImage of Solid Stone Twine SpoolImage of Solid Charcoal Twine Spool Image of Maraschino - Red & White Baker's TwineImage of Marigold - Golden Yellowy Orange & White Baker's TwineImage of Caribbean - Teal & White Baker's TwineImage of Cappuccino - Brown & White Baker's TwineImage of Flax - Light Khaki & White Baker's TwineImage of Charcoal - Black & White Baker's TwineImage of Stone - Gray & White Baker's Twine
Be back with more The Twinery goodness soon.  Hugs and happy Wednesday.

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