Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May Lori Whitlock Blog Hop

Hi Everyone:

Happy May.  Welcome to the Lori Whitlock Creative Team May Blog Hop.  You should have come here from Kathy Skou's blog and will next be going to  Brandie Harding Adams' blog.  If you didn't arrive here in that way, you can always start at the beginning at Lori's blog, you don't want to miss all the pretty things my team mates have made.  I made Lori's new Double Slider Card Birthday Dog which you can find here in her store and here in the Silhouette Design store.  Lori also has a wonderful tutorial on her blog and on You Tube which you can find here.  I used some Doodlebug Petite Prints for this card.  It is for a sweet woman who has a black and white dog.

These photos show the card closed, ready to be mailed off; the second photo shows it with the pull tab extended and the third shows the inside of the card.

That's it for me today.  Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lori Whitlock Teacup Explosion Box Mother's Day Tutorial

Hi Everyone:
Anita here with a tutorial for Lori's Explosion Box Teacup card for Mother's Day.  You can find this file here in her store and here in the Silhouette Design store.  I used Lori's new Echo Park collection called All Girl.  This card makes such a stunning statement and Lori has several other explosion box designs as well.
I made extra flowers and used two to put on top of my box.
Here is a photo of the box when it has exploded open.  It's just so pretty.
Here are the pieces that I cut out.  I ended up cutting out extra flowers and cut two more extra square panels, one I put under the tea cup and one in the box lid.
I put the inside of the box together and the cover as well.  I would recommend that if you are planning to put gift cards in the pockets that you put the card in and then put the pocket where you need it to be so that it will close nicely.  I popped  up the hearts and the messages for Mom.
These are the pieces for the saucer for the teacup.
These are the pieces for the teacup itself.
These are the handle pieces for the teacup.
Starting at the top left I took photos of the process of putting together the teacup.  There is a tab on one end of the cup piece and you glue just up to the tab.  I used wet glue for the best hold.  I then took the smaller perforated circle and glued it into the bottom of the teacup.  Next, I glued on the handle to the teacup.  Bending both tabs and using wet glue again for the best hold.  Similarly there is a tab on one end of the saucer which you need to glue together.  Then I attached the larger perforated circle to the back of the saucer.   Once everything was good and dry I adhered the teacup to the center of the saucer.
I then started rolling my flowers.  I just love doing this and had fun.  There are so many different ways to roll the flowers.  I have photos where I started rolling one flower with a skewer to get it going in a round shape and another one where I used a flower roller which I bought a long time ago.  My fellow Creative Team member, Corri Garza has a tutorial on rolling flowers on Lori's blog which you can find here.  I used leftover Easter grass to fill my cup so that the flowers would stay in.  I was planning to just cut my own green paper if I didn't have any grass.  Thank you so much for looking and have a great day.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there and very special wishes to a certain mom to be.