Thursday, March 30, 2023

Carrot Favor Box Tutorial

 Anita here with a tutorial on Lori's Carrot Favor Box.  I made this for my niece who is away at college.  I filled the boxes with jelly beans and M&M's.  You can find the file here (SVGSilhouette).
Here are the pieces that come with this file:

This shows the items folded on their score lines.

I decided to use a paper crimper to crimp my grass the give it some more fluff in my crate.

This shows the grass in the crate.

This last photo shows all of the items separately before I put them together into the crate.

Such a fun and easy project and I now that she will enjoy opening her carrots up to see what treats are inside for me.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Box Card St. Patrick's Day Horseshoe March Blog Hop

Anita here for the March Lori Whitlock Creative Team blog hop.  You should have come here from  Traci Matthew Penrod's blog and will next be going to Brandie Harding Adams' blog.  I made this adorable card which is called Box Card St. Patrick's Day Horseshoe (SVG, Silhouette).  I used some of Lori's Echo Park Paper collections including Day in the Life No. 2, Pets and Our Little Princess.  This card folds flat for mailing which is great.  



Monday, March 6, 2023

Bobble Card Pot of Gold


Anita here with a fun St. Patrick's Day card which is called Bobble Card Pot of Gold (SVGSilhouette).  I used Mini Action Wobbles Springs to pop up the pot of gold and it wiggles when you pic it up or shake it.  Lori has a tutorial on her site for this type of card as well as links to get the wobbles.  I used some of her Echo Park paper collections including:  Day in the Life No. 2, Pets and Our Little Princess. Thanks for looking and have a great day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

February Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the February Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop.  Happy Valentine's Day! You should have come here from Traci Matthews Penrod's blog and will next be going to Brandie Harding Adams' blog.  I decided to make Lori's Valentine Card Crayon Holder Dog (SVG, Silhouette), Frog (SVGSilhouette).  These are a print and cut file and so easy to put together.  I would suggest a heavier cardstock for the base or gluing together two layers of cardstock so that your crayons stay where they are supposed to.  Be sure to check out all of Lori's Print and Cut Valentines, so much cuter than what you can find in the store.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Adhering a Vinyl SVG to a Travel Mug


Happy Thursday Everyone:

Anita here with a tutorial on the application of vinyl to a travel mug.  I wanted to make this for one of my friend's for Valentine's Day as one of her true loves is coffee.  I used Lori's SVG called I Only Need Coffee on Days with "Y" (SVGSilhouette).  I used some Cricut silver matte vinyl for my project.  I selected matte vinyl for my cutting surface.  You do not need to mirror the design when using regular vinyl on a project.

Here are the materials that I used for my project.  You will want to pick up some transfer tape if you don't have any as it makes these vinyl projects so much easier.

Here is the design cut out and that is my weeding tool from Cricut which is next to the design.  It has a hook on the end which makes fishing out those tiny little pieces so easy.  You can use a pin and I have used a seam ripper in the past too.  You are going to want to remove all of the pieces of design that you don't need to be there.  I started in one corner and slowly peeled the excess away from my design.  If there are fine elements to your design you might need to hold onto the design with one hand as you pull the excess away so that your design doesn't tear.

Here is what my design looked like after I peeled away all of the excess piece which came off in one piece,  Next, I needed to go in and grab those extra little bits to help define my design more.  I used my weeding tool for this.  You can use a pin as well.

My design is now all weeded and ready for the transfer tape to be applied directly on top of the design.  I cut a piece of transfer tape a little larger 1/2" or so around your design.  Then I peeled off the white piece on the transfer paper leaving the sticky side exposed and then stuck that down on top of my design.  I leave my design on my mat through these steps as it is easier to work with.  At this point you need to burnish the transfer tape onto your design.  Essentially you want the tape to pick up just the vinyl from the backing paper so that you can adhere it directly to your mug and see exactly where it is going to go.  I used my Cricut scraper that I bought but you can certainly use a popsicle stick for this step.  Check to see if you have been successful in getting the vinyl to adhere to the transfer tape.  If not, continue to burnish until it all comes off the backing paper.

This photo shows the transfer tape on and the tool that I used to burnish the vinyl onto the transfer tape. And my well love mat, lol.

Lastly, I placed my transfer tape onto the mug.  I started carefully at one edge laying it on and let it gently fall where it wanted to given that the cup is rounded.  I then used my fingers to smooth out the transfer tape.  One I was happy with the placement, it was time to again burnish the design to get it to adhere to the cup.  It came out great and I'm sure that she will love it.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.



Thursday, January 26, 2023

Altering a Candy Box to fit a larger candy bar


Hello Everyone:
Anita here with a quick tutorial on taking one of Lori's Candy Box SVG's and resizing them to fit the candy bar size that I need.  I used Candy Box 6 Candies (SVGSilhouette).  I used Lori's two Echo Park Paper collections including Our Little Princess and All About a Girl.  
I wanted to make my own chocolate bars for Valentine's Day given that there are food allergies in our family and wanted a pretty box to put them in.  I picked this box as it seemed like it would fit the candy bar mold that I have.  This file comes in two parts, Part 2 is for the box and part 1 is for the scalloped inserts.  I used Part 2.  When I imported my file into Silhouette Studio I used the grid lines on my mat on the screen to determine the size of the unaltered file.  I knew what size I needed to fit my candy bar and with the file still grouped together I dragged the corner until the dimensions were what I needed them to be.  Be sure that you don't ungroup them before doing the resizing.  As you can see from the photo above I did a pretty good job of getting my box to fit my candy bar.  

These are the cut file pieces for my box.  I opted to use the decorate overlay around the inner edge but you wouldn't have to if you were short on time.  I also often put an acrylic sheet over the opening when making boxes but decided that the chocolate bar looked better with the hole open.

These are the box pieces assembled and ready for my chocolate bar. That's it for me.  Be sure to check out all of Lori's Valentine's Day files.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Double Sliding Card Thank You

 Hello Everyone:

Anita here with a fun Holiday Thank You card.  I am always so appreciative of being thought of at this time of year and Lori has this great Double Sliding Card Thank You (SVG, Silhouette) which I assembled to send out to a special couple of people.  I used one of Lori's Echo Park Paper collections called Christmas Magic.  Lori also has a tutorial to put together this card which you can find here, Tutorial part 1 & 2.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.