Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Breeze Home Deco

When I saw the new release Summer Breeze twine, I was so excited because it matches the colors in my daughter's room really well.  For the second time in the last four years she has had severe water damage in her room.  To be twenty and have such disruption in your home and your bedroom when you are trying to go to school and work has been unsettling.  I bought these cardboard C letter at Joann's.  They are a bargain as I paid .80.  I used two sided sticky tape to cover the letter on the front, most of the sides and some of the back.  I then sat in front of the TV and wound my twine around my letter.  The curves take a little bit of patience but the finished project is well worth the effort.
I made some felt flowers with My Favorite Things metal dies and a matching bow and finished it off with some matching bling.  This is a lovely, relatively easy project and you could mix and match The Twinery colors as they all coordinate.


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