Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful Silhouette Knife Tool Tutorial

Hello Everyone:
I hope that those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great one.  I love looking through the Digi Playground store to see what other uses I can find for cut files.  I found this Weave Bracelet by Minilou and knew that I was making holiday breads for our local food pantry and wanted to be able to decorate the breads.  I used the bracelet cut file and worked with it to make a band to put around the bread loaf.
I took the bracelet cut file and put it on my mat.  I then chose the knife tool and cut the end of the bracelet with the side you put the tab into off.  I wanted two layers to my band so did the same to both files.  I measured my bread so that I knew how many of the bands I needed to cut.  
1. Ungroup your files
2.  Delete what you don't need
3.  Click on the knife too
4.  Place start cut at top of item to be cut and drag arrow down
5.  Use select tool (arrow at the top of your left side tool bar) to cut
6.  Move cut piece away
You can also use the eraser tool if you find that your line is not perfectly straight.  You can use the cut lines on the mat on your screen to guide you as well. 
Here is a close up of the band. 

Weave Bracelet Thankful short envelope bag
I used the cut file called Thankful short envelope bag by Jamie Cripps for the top decoration.  I know that Thanksgiving is over but this would be a fun way to decorate your winter holiday gift breads.
Be sure to check out the Digi Playground store for these and many other wonderful cut files.

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