Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa Card Set

Hello Everyone:
For those of you who celebrate Christmas I made a set of cards and a gift box to hold them in.  I just love Christmas and Santa is a hero of mine.  I love the way that you can use The Twinery twine to highlight and just elevate your project to the next level.  I used five different Silhouette cut files for this project and am loving how this set came out.  Here are the cards one at a time and the box.
I used some Maraschino twine to make a simple box on this card.
I  used some Gold Shimmer twine to elevate this card with a triple tie and bow and his belt.  I used two sided adhesive on the belt to adhere the twine.
I used the Gold Shimmer Twine again for a triple bow on the handle and a small bow on the buckle.
This card is so adorable and a cute Maraschino bow at the top was the perfect accent.
Lastly, I made a pom pom on a fork for the top of my Santa hat.  I wrapped the twine around the fork tines near the handle.  I wrapped mine six times.  Then I cut a piece of twine about 8 inches long and threaded it between the middle two twines on either side of my wrapped twine and tied it in a knot.  I slid it off my fork then, cut the loops and fluffed my pom pom and viola magic pom pom and so easy.
Be sure to check out The Twinery store for all your holiday gift accenting twine.  

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