Thursday, September 29, 2016

EOS Lip Balm Tutorial

Anita here with a fun tutorial to combine two cut files to make a lip balm pumpkin.  I came across this orange EOS lip balm when shopping recently and wanted to make a fall holder for it.  I used Lori Whitlock's Flourish Pumpkin cut file which you can find here in the Silhouette Store and here in the Lori Whitlock store.  I also used the Lip Balm Monsters Cut file which you can buy in the Silhouette Store  and in Lori's store and adapted it to make it work with my orange EOS.  How did I do this?  Well let me tell you just how easy it is.  I also used one of Lori's new Echo Park collections called I Love Family.
You are going to want to open the Flourish Pumpkin cut file and put it on your mat.
You are then going to want to ungroup the pumpkin so that you can move the parts around.  Move the stem off your mat for now.
Add the monster cut file to the same mat.
Now you are going to want to make sure the monster cut files are selected and then you want to ungroup them.
Once you have ungrouped the files you should move all but the orange or green body piece off of the mat.  I chose to use the orange, but you can use either for our purposes.  Next you will select the body from the monster and release compound path.  This will allow you to have the center circle be a separate piece from the body of the monster so that you can move it over onto the pumpkin.
Before you move the circle you are going to want to remove color from the circle.  Click on fill color and select the cross hatch design I have highlighted as that will remove the color.  Move the circle from the center of the monster body to the center of the pumpkin.  Cut your file and you will have a beautifully sized circle ready for any EOS lip balm.
I took some twine and curled it around a round tool after wetting it with some Stiffy, fabric stiffener and added that as an accent.
Lastly, open your EOS lip balm and carefully place the pumpkin center over the lip balm.  I find that if you line up the indentation on the lip balm in the front of your design and hold it in place then it will come out perfectly lined up when you screw the cap on.  This is a great little gift and you can make these out of any of your favorite cut files following these simple instructions.

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