Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bowling, anyone?

I adore this cute little bowling set that I made for The Twinery's owner, Nicole who had a baby boy a few months ago.  These were so fun to stitch up and are filled with soft fiber fill.  I put a circle of chipboard on the bottom of each pin to help them stand up.  Wrapped some twine around the neck of each pin and adhered it with a dab of glue.  The set is really fun to play with and I will be making these again.  Hope he loves them Nicole.  Be sure to check out The Twinery for these and other lovely colors.  
Image of Solid Maraschino Twine Spool Image of Solid Mandarin Twine Spool Image of Solid Marigold Twine SpoolImage of Solid Cappuccino Twine SpoolImage of Solid Peapod Twine SpoolImage of Solid Caribbean Twine Spool

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