Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Lori Whitlock Blog Hop

Anita here with my December Lori Whitlock blog hop project.  I made gift card holders for my niece and nephews as they are all young adults and want money.  I used Lori's new Echo Park line called A Perfect Christmas and love this collection.  I used some of the same collections embellishments as well.

You should have come here via Kathy Skou's blog and next you will be going to Brandie Harding Adams' blog.  You can also start at the beginning at Lori's blog.  

Here are the rest of the gift card holders that I made.

 Gift Card Holder Tag Reindeer
 Reindeer Pocket Gift Card Holder
 Present Pocket Gift  Card Holder 
Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder
Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder
Christmas Gift Card Holder

Don't forget to get your free file and enter to win a gift certificate which would be especially wonderful this time of year.  Plus 30% off your purchase is a great deal.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Holiday Dog Bandanas

Anita here with a fun and easy tutorial to make your furry friend a dog bandana.  My son and daughter-in-law have three dogs and they like to include them in their Christmas photo.  I made some personalized bandanas for my fur grand dogs using some of Lori's fun fonts and heart cut files.  I used the Wide Marker font at 288.0 pt which can be found here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.    The font for Lily's  and Sully's bandana is called Wide Marker, and for Scout's bandana I used LW Thick at 288.0 pt which can be found here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.  The cut file for the hearts is called 4 hearts and can be found here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.  I found a doggie bandana pattern on the internet from Sew Caroline and the free pattern is here.  
Here are the supplies that I used for Lilly's bandana.  You can really use any heat transfer vinyl.
I measured across the part of the bandana where I wanted to put the letters so that I would have a sense of how wide the name could be and fit nicely.
Lori's fonts are so easy to find in your Silhouette font library and they start with the letters LW.
I had fun experimenting with some of Lori's different fonts to see which one I liked the best.  
Heat transfer vinyl has a clear plastic sheet which is sticky over the front of the vinyl which allows you to protect the vinyl while ironing it on.  You are going to want to place it with the clear/front side down on your mat.  You can cut vinyl without a mat but I didn't want to move my rollers so I put it on a mat.
As you can see from above there are many different types of heat transfer vinyl.  I chose to use a metallic one so that is what I selected in the cut settings.  Notice that the letters are not mirrored on my mat.
Isn't Silhouette so smart?  They know I am cutting with vinyl and asked me if I wanted to mirror my design.  Given that I was cutting out letters I said send mirrored.  I also chose to do two passes as my blade isn't brand new and I was asking it to cut through three layers.  I could also have mirrored it before sending it to cut.
Wows, my mat is looking well loved.  Here are the letters cut out and the extra vinyl removed.  Don't remove the top plastic sheet, you need it on until the letters are ironed down.
Everything is ironed down now.  I used a plastic pressing sheet and did not heat it for the 45-60 seconds as they recommend on the package because my iron runs really hot and I didn't want to bubble the vinyl. I usually choose a middle point and put the first letter down there and then add the rest one at a time.  I find that things move less that way when ironing.  Apply even pressure, not steam and don't move your iron back and forth.
I used Velcro circles on each corner point and stitched them down.  I used a seam ripper to gently peel away the top plastic piece.  I have also used a pin in the past.  If the vinyl starts to pull up then you might have to reheat it.  Be careful to not overheat it.
Here is Lily's completed bandana.
Here are all three bandanas.  Can't wait to see how the photo turns out.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Blog Hop Lori Whitlock

Hi Everyone:

Can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving for us US folks.  We have Lori's wonderful November blog hop today.  You should have come here from my good friend Kathy Skou's blog and you will next be going to Michelle Zerull's fabulous blog.  If you didn't get here from there then you can start at the beginning at Lori's blog.  Happy hopping.

I used Lori's Pop Up Happy Birthday Card cut file which you can find here in her store and here in the Silhouette Store.  I used her wonderful Echo Park paper line called A Perfect Autumn for this birthday card for a special guy.  It comes with a wonderful envelope cut file as well.

That's it for me.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Thankful Jar

Hi Everyone:
Anita here with a fun project that I made for one of my best friend's to use during the month of November.  The idea is that the fry box is full of cards that the members of her family can write something that they are thankful for on and then take a Hershey Kiss from the jar.  Hopefully the jar will be empty by Thanksgiving and the cards full and ready to be shared around the table on this special family holiday.  I used some papers from Lori's Echo Park Collection called A Perfect Autumn.  The cut files that I used are the following:
Flourish Pumpkin which you can find  here in the Silhouette store
Elf French Fry Box which you can find here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store
There Is Always Something to be Thankful For which you can find here in the Silhouette Store
3 Print and Cut fall 3X4 Cards which you can find  here in the Silhouette Store
3 Print and Cut Fall 3X4 Cards which you can find  here in the Silhouette Store

I used the Elf Fry box and ungrouped the elements so that I could have a plain box.  I could have resized it but didn't need to because the cards I wanted to use fit perfectly.  I cut out ten pumpkins and scored them down the middle.  I glued the middles together and fanned them out to give my pumpkin some dimension.

Here is a close up of the jar.  I hope that my friend loves this and enjoys it as much as I did making it for her.\

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lori Whitlock October Creative Team Hop

Welcome to the October Lori Whitlock blog hop.  You should have come to my blog via the fabulous Kathy Skou's blog and you will be next going to the awesome Brandie Harding Adam's blog.  If you did not get to my blog that way you will want to hop from the beginning and can do that from Lori Whitlock's blog

I am taking a pumpkins quilt class with my friends and decided to make these awesome no glue Halloween boxes to give each quilter a treat with three frosted cookies inside. These work up so quickly.  I used the No Glue Halloween Boo Ghost cut file which you can find here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette Store.  I also used the No Glue Halloween Box Jack-O-Lantern cut file which is here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.  

Be sure to hop all the way through to see what everyone on the team has created with this fun season in mind.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thanksgiving Holiday Cracker Repurposed

Happy Thursday Everyone:
Anita here with a Thanksgiving project that I used a Lori Whitlock Valentine's Day cut file for.  It was a lot of fun to repurpose this file for my project.  The cut file for the box is called 3D Heart Cracker Box and you can find it here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.  I also used her 3 Thanksgiving Icons files for embellishing my boxes and you can find the file here in Lori's store and here in the Silhouette store.  I used Lori's wonderful new Echo Park collection called A Perfect Autumn.
Here is a photo of the original cut file.
Here it is laid out on my mat.  I  planned to use the icons and make sure that they were the right size to cover up the heart tabs on the end of the cracker.  I ungrouped the file and got rid of the smaller hearts.  I resized my pumpkins to 2.480 X 2.391, Pilgrim hats to 2.873 X2.249 and Pies to 3.091 X 1.899.  I wanted to make sure that all of the heart would be covered up.
I needed to make sure that I was cutting a mirror image of the icons for the heart tabs so that they would look great when adhered to either side of the heart.  The pumpkin was the only icon that I had to use the mirror function in the replicate button which you can see both above and in a close up below.

In the following photo you can see that I have made a mirror image of the pumpkin on the left.
Here are the cut pieces for the pumpkin.  I am missing two pumpkins and two stems but wanted to give you an idea of what if looks like when cut.Here is the box folded and ready to be glued.  I put the oval of acetate glued to the inside of the window and the scalloped oval to the outside of the window.  I ended up folding in the end tabs and then gluing the hearts together and then gluing the icons onto the hearts.
Here are the finished close ups of the three boxes.

I am so happy with how these came out.  Crackers or poppers in the store are so expensive and not filled with yummy chocolates like mine.  Hope this has made you think about other ways to repurpose the cut files you have and are considering buying.